How to Talk to Your Hair Stylist About Your Hair

What You can Do

Get inspired before hand. Have a few picture that you like.

Wear your normal hairstyle to your appointment. This will give them an optimal starting off point and idea of what is possible. Product is fine too. Your hair will be washed anyways.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you want. Explain your tastes and preferences. Let them know about your hair. Giving them info can help them to make better decisions. 

Hairstylist Point Of View

Hair stylist go to school for a year to get their license. However that is only to learn the basics and to pass state board. The education is ever on going. There is a ton courses that we still have to take to learn even more. There is course on everything such as but not limited to; new hair cutting techniques, new product information, the science behind it all, environmental factors, chemicals, management skills, business and finances, head anatomy, skin and scalp issues and the list goes on. All courses and classes vary. The industry of Beauty is evolving everyday and there is something new every year. 

It’s tough industry to start in with long hours, standing all day and working with chemicals. When clients ask for a discount it’s a stab to the heart. How would you like it if we asked you for a discount after all the work and effort you’ve put into it all. After all, For us women, we pride ourselves in our hair.

Nevertheless, an artists work is always valuable no matter what the canvas is. In this case its the hair. There is price tag to Value. 

The Industry is filled with talented artists that have worked there butts off. Most if not all, deserve more credit then they are given. In the end we went to school for it so we know what it takes to get to your hair goals or if its even possible to achieve.

Stylists just want you to love them and they want to understand you better so they can do there best to get you to where you want to be as best as possible. They want you to love your hair. 

What your Stylist Should Know 

Speak up or ask lots of questions if your stylist doesn’t ask. Bring Pictures without filters to show that style you are would similarly like to achieve. Be hones and specific.

  1. Do you have scalp issues
  2. Are you on medication
  3. Have you dyed your hair in the past 1-2 years
  4. What products do you use
  5. How often do you cut your hair 
  6. What end goal are you trying to achieve with you hair
  7. Whats your budget 
  8. Are you willing to invest in healthy hair 

Most of all be extremely specific with what you want!