What are the Benefits of Skin Icing?

What is Skin Icing?

So i’m sure we all have heard of putting ice on an injury to reduce swelling…right? But putting ice on your face as a skin care routine is not very common. I can barley withstand living in the snow and the cold hitting my face. Should you move where it’s cold for better skin? I dont know but the real question here is why run ice on your face? Well, we know that putting some skin care products in the fridge has a cooling effect for when we apply the products and you know about Gua sha.. Right? You don’t? Well i’ll get to that in a bit. Not to mention, it’s been a detailed beauty ritual in the asian culture. I would trust them with my skin after all have you seen there flawless skin!?! ( i non so secretly have a Chinese obsession, hence, why i went to school to learn the language) Anyways……..

Cryptotherapy has been used for health and beauty benefits (treatments using cold temperatures)

 CoolSculpting to destroy fat cells and to get rid of those dreadful spider veins (remembers to uncross legs and sips more water)  

Skin icing is a form of cryotherapy treatment in which the skin is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. It is said to have a variety of skincare benefits, including soothing redness, exfoliation, and blemish control.


Reduces inflammation

Reduces Pore

Size Promotes

Blood Circulation

Better Product Absorption 



  1. Feeling too cold? On days when i’m already too cold I put my rose quartz in cold water or in the fridge to get cold. This gives it the same cooling affect that icing would. 
  2. Don’t want to wear make up? When the ice is applied directly to your skin on your face it causes your blood to rise to the surface (think of that rosy glow you get after a brisk winter walk), which soothes and tightens the skin. This also happens when you go for a run in the cold. 
  3.  Don’t know how to prep? Gently cleansing the skin and applying a moisturizer to help protect the skin barrier. It’s also best to avoid sun exposure before treating your skin to avoid sunburns and irritation throughout the treatment. To Avoid this you can do it at night or if you know you are not going out in the morning.


It will feel colder as the treatment progressesIt she says. !0 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to roll the ice on your face.

Though it’s safe for most skin types, if you have sensitive skin, or skin that reacts to changes in temperature (for example, some rosacea-prone skin and cold urticaria). It may create discoloration in those with darker skin or a tan. Whatever the case is, please proceed with caution.

You could go to a professional or just proceed with caution. I had rosacea prone skin so i was more cautious with this treatment.

After the treatment:

As your skin heals, it’s important to treat it with a tendering love care. Stay away from chemicals or physical exfoliation and other active ingredients that could potentially be irritating (peroxide, retinoids or benzoyl), and instead stick to botanical oils and natural soothing to the skin products. For myself, aloe vera has been soothing and tightening.