Powered by Coffee

Fix it With Coffee

Can coffee really fix it? Fix what?

For some it is sun that wakes them up in morning helping them to open those bright eyes as they take their first sip in the morning. For others it’s a cold shower or tea. Although, Showers and tea is awakening for others. The sound of coffee beans ready to be crushed into a rainforest mixed with cinnamon and maybe a hint of chocolate aroma is much more enticing if you ask me.. However, no one asked me. So Let’s move on.

Whether you are waking up to go to work outside of your home or you stay at home for work since Covid has changed the way life works and we kinda like it. Maybe your dog is waiting for you to let him/her out so they can do their thing. Maybe you have a husband who wakes you in the morning to make him food. Is it your day off so instead of going to your local Starbucks or other mom and pops coffee shop you make your own? And do you drink before the gym or after? 

Well, coffee is a source of energy, logically i’m sure you can drink it before the gym or at the gym. why not? Although, it’s given that your body might be a little dehydrated after all that, not to mention having to go to the bathroom soon. So does coffee really fix anything? Sure it does. You wanted energy and energy you have been given by his majesty the coffee king. Did it create another problem? Perhaps. However, now we are asking a question that you did not come here for. So we’ll save the drama for another time. Talk about over thinking thing…

What I came here to say is that with this cute Powered by Coffee Notepad you can definitely “fix” your daily to do list for the day. It’s small and can fit anywhere incase you need to take notes in your car.


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