Why Does Hair Turn Brassy?

What Does Brassy Mean?

Brassy hair is caused by an overabundance of warm pigments in your hair. For example, when platinum blonde hair becomes too yellow or when golden highlights turn reddish-gold or orange.

What To Do About It?

When you lighten your hair, your natural hair color is lifted to make room for the new color. Because ALL hair has some measure of underlying warmth, the removal of your natural hue makes yellow, orange or red tones more evident, unless steps are taken to mitigate it. To extend the color of your blonde hair and help your hair stay a cooler shade of blonde, you’ll need to get rid of brass. Better yet, use preventative measures as your brassy blonde hair fix.

Such steps can be:

1. Getting past the warm tones during the lift process. This calls for a second session most often then not. 

2. Toner is also used to to remove any unwanted tones such as brass. Toner washes off…making an appt. to get that retouched is essential to maintain  the color and shine .

3. Using the right product for your hair will help prevent your hair from going brassy.

Is Any Blonde Good For You?

You might already know this..or Not. In either case It’s important to know that we sadly can not pull off every color. Also, there are other ways of implementing blonde into your hair.  Instead of going with a single-process all-over blonde color, have your colorist work in highlights and lowlights versus coloring every strand. This minimizes the potential for a whole head of brassiness. Remember, the closer your hair’s final color is to its natural color, the less room there is for the color to turn. We recommend that you don’t lighten your hair beyond two shades from your natural color.

Balayage is option to get your end lighter. The more you do it the more you can slowly go really blonde.


How to Maintain Blonde Hair?

A fantastic way to make the blonde last longer is by asking your stylist to use a sheer glaze on your freshly colored blonde hair to lock in the tone and prevent fading or discoloration. Doing so can seal in your color for an extra four to six weeks. For refreshing your color at home, try a color refreshing gloss to neutralize brassy blonde hair and reveal a brighter blonde.

The longer you go without your regular maintenance the more brassy it will look. Getting a regular toner ever 3-4 weeks will keep your color looking fresh in between getting it touched up.

Avoid over heating your hair with hot tools.

If you plan on enjoying the summer in salt water let your stylist know so that they can recommend products to keep your hair looking blonde through out the summer.

How to Shower to Avoid Brassiness?

High mineral levels in water can cause hair to turn brassy. Hard water deposits color-tainting minerals onto your tresses while simultaneously locking out moisture. Consider cutting back on the amount of time you wash your hair weekly, and if your water is particularly hard, you may wish to invest in a water filter that sifts out the minerals. Worried your hair will look dirty? A bun or braid paired with a spritz of dry Shampoo should do the trick.