Stay Fit + Vegan Lunch

Delicious Rice Nourishing Bowl

Rice is a low fat and easily digestible, gluten-free grain. It offers a number of B vitamins and keeps you feeling full though out the day.

No matter what food are in your diet…In order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit by eating fewer calories than you are able to burn on a daily basis. 

This means that if you didn’t work out today or just not as active as usual then you should eat less. 

If you were active and ate the some amount of calories then you maintain weight.

If you eat more than you gain weight. Sounds simple right? Unfair…but simple.  Hard to put into practice but not impossible! 

The secret is to make amazing sauces. At least this is true for me. It’s all in the sauce.

Here Is one of my favorite lunches to have when i’m trying too loose weight but was not very active through out the day. If I am active i just add more veggies.


1 1/2 Cup uncooked Jasmine Rice or already cooked 

1 TBSP Seasame Oil

1/4 Cup Diced Yellow Onion

1 TBS Minced Garlic

1 1/2TSP Minced Ginger

1 TBS Olive oil or Avo Oil

3 Heads of Broccoli Florets or 8 Cups

1 1/2 Cup Edamame ( I like to buy the frozen ready to warm up kind)


1/8 Cup of Agave

1/3 Cup of Tamari

1 TBS Red Wine Vinegar

1/2 TBS Flour

1/2 TSP Crushed Red PepperFlakes 



4 Servings. Great for meal preppring! 1 cup of rice only to loose weight on a diet.

  • Cook rice according to package instructions. Once cooked remove from heat and stir in sesame oil and set aside. 
  • Prep all the produce chop onion garlic, ginger and broccoli.
  • Next make your sauce by combining the following: honey, tamari, vinegar, flour and red pepper flakes in a bowl whisk until well combined and set aside.
  • Using a large wok or a skillet sauté your vegetables. Start by heating up oil over medium heat. Add onion and sauté sauté for about one minute until slightly softened. Then add garlic and ginger and sauté another minute. 
  • Next add in your broccoli floretes and about half a cup of water cover and cook for approximately three minutes. You can also steam the broccoli instead.
  • Next add in your edamame and sauté for another two minutes. Then pour approximately 1/3 of your sweet sauce into skillet and cook another minute or until everything is tender and sauce is slightly thickened.
  • In a bowl add the rice and vegetables and drizzle with remaining sweet sauce.

Why Eat Broccoli & How to Cook it

Sulforaphane, is thought to be the main active ingredient in broccoli, which may protect our brain, protect our eyesight, protect against free radicals, induce our detoxification enzymes, help prevent cancer, as well as help treat it.  Sulforaphane also targets breast cancer stem cells. Fore more info.

If you chop the broccoli first, and then wait 40 minutes, then you can cook them all you want. The sulforaphane is already made, the enzyme is already done doing its job, so you don’t need it anymore.

Commercially produced frozen broccoli lacks the ability to form sulforaphane because vegetables are blanched, flash-cooked, before they’re frozen this in turn deactivates the enzymes. Boiling broccoli prevents the formation of any significant levels of sulforaphane due to inactivation of the enzyme.

However, addition of powdered mustard seeds to the heat processed broccoli significantly increased the formation of sulforaphane.

If you have Mustard Seeds or in powdered from remember to add to the broccoli when cooking to get the most out of the broccoli!



1Cup of Cooked Broccoli: 54 CALS ; 11.2 CARBS ; 3.8 PRO ; High and potassium and vitamin C

1 Cup of Cooked Rice: 200 CALS ; 45 CARBS ; 4.3 PRO 

1/2 Cup Edamame: 90 CALS ; 9 CARBS ; 10 PRO 

Fats: add seasame seeds and hemp seeds and tahini

For more protein add: Temph or tofu to the sauce

For less Carbs: Substitue rice for cauliflower rice or other cruciferous vegetables such as brussels, kale, collards.

Nourish Your Soul

Enjoy lo-fi tropical music.