Black Sesame Hummus (Black Seasame Benefits) + Hummus Recipe

You may know this already….Ayurveda is a holistic belief that the health of the bones, muscles, hair, and nails is connected. The vitamins and minerals that help to keep your bones healthy are also essential for the health of your hair and nails. So if your hair is unhealthy, it may suggest that the health of your bones may be affected.

Hair loss is not always due to vitamin or mineral deficiency.  It can be caused by stress, long-standing illness, pollution, harsh hair products, and no head massages… Yes I give a lot of importance to head massage, which is a means of delivering nutrients to grow your hair. Helps the blood flow as well. In traditional Chinese Medicine black sesame seeds are considered as one of the best anti-aging foods. Along with nourishing the scalp and stimulating hair growth, black sesame seeds can promote melanocyte activity to produce melanin – the pigment responsible for hair and skin color.


Black Sesame Tahini

1 Cup Black Sesames 

3 TBS Olive Oil

1/2 TSP Salt 

1 TBS Agave

Black Sesame Hummus 

1/2 Cup Black Sesame Tahini 

1 Cup Chickpeas 

1 Clove Garlic

1/2 Cup Lemon Juice 

2 TBS Cold Water 

1 TBS Olive Oil


  1. Those black sesame seeds in a large pan for about 3 to 5 minutes over like low heat. Let black sesame seeds cool for 10 minutes.
  2. Add sesame seeds to a high powered food processor and pulse until extra fine. Then add olive oil salt and agave and pulse until you get a smooth thick texture.
  3. Put aside half of the black sesame seed tahini and then the other half add the hummus ingredients.
  4. TIP: you may boil the chickpeas for 20 minutes or until the skin starts to fall off the chickpeas.
  5. Then pulse all the ingredients until you get a smooth texture.
  6. Enjoy with your favorite hummus foods!



  • Encourages Bone Health and Prevents Osteoporosis: Sesame seeds are a good source of bone-forming minerals (calcium, phosphorous, magnesium). One tablespoon of unhulled seeds contain about 88mg of calcium. The high zinc content increases bone mineral density.
  • Skin beautifying: The oleic acid in sesame seed offers skin softening as well as cell regenerating benefits. And the linoleic acid helps restore skin barrier and prevents moisture loss from your skin. While the high phytosterols are great for reducing redness and itching and combating weather damaged skin.
  •  Improves eye health: As per traditional Chinese medicine, eyes are closely related to liver healthy. When liver is affected the eyes become tired and dry and vision may become blurred. Black sesame seeds are a natural tonic for liver, which in turn is believed to nourish and support eyes’ function.
  • Protects Liver: The antioxidants in the black sesame seeds protect the liver from oxidative damage, helping you maintain healthy liver function.
  • Relieves arthritis: The high copper content in sesame seeds helps in reducing pain and swelling associated with arthritis. In addition, this mineral keeps your bones and joints flexible and healthy.
  • Helps you sleep Better: Sesame contain the stress-relieving minerals magnesium and calcium. It also contains amino acid tryptophan that help produce serotonin, which assists moods and helps you sleep better by restoring the normal sleep pattern.

What You Should Know Before

Due your own diligence. The seed hull contains phytic acid, an anti-nutritive factor, which can interfere with the absorption of certain nutrients. Soaking and roasting them can greatly reduce the phytic acid content and also improve the flavor and digestibility.

Sesame seed allergy: Sesame can trigger allergic reactions in some people. If you have diarrhea or fever avoid eating black sesame seeds.

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