Half Braid & Curls Hair Style

Hey Alexa, Style My Hair!

To get this look you want to start off by sectioning  your hair into fours parts. 

  1. from the part down to the ear and to the front of the face on both sides of the head are 2 sections.
  2. Behind the ears make diagonal line from one ear to the other and section off the top.
  3. Start curling from the back bottom of the head to the front
  4. Do not brush out curls when you are done!

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to add your heat protectant!

Braiding & Styling Your Hair

  1. Do you want to start off in the middle of the hair at the front of the hairline by grabbing two pieces of hair (2in each) 
  2. Start to bring in a piece from the opposite direction and create your fish tail braid (fish tail braid instructions here) until you get from ear to ear and to the top crown of your head.
  3. Once you’re down with a fishtail braid then you’ll grab your favorite hair clip and clip it in.
  4. Now you can brush the hair out gently
  5. And there you have it! You’re ready to rock the day!

Get the Look:

Minimalist Gold Round Clip

Bright Claw Hair Clips

Curved Barrette Set 

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