What Is Life Like Without TV News

Although, there are many reasons to keep up-to-date with what’s going on is it necessary to watch the news?

“One reason that dogs are happier than people is that they have no newspapers.”

Except now it’s not just newspaper it’s all over the TV and social media. It’s there to instill fear, anger or even keep us entertained. However, not all news is useless.

Growing up, I remember they were on every morning before heading out to school. It was always the same-old, same-old. Some drama happening to keep you entertained about who the real father is, politicians fighting about some law, some terrorists wanted to blow up some city, and some natural disaster happening somewhere, and a new plague in some country. Talk about instilling fear in everyone and their moms.

Of course it’s frightening at first but then i soon came to realize what a waste of my time it was to sit in front on tv and have fear instilled in me. It felt so unhealthy.


My husband and I got married during the time of covid and we moved to another state 3 days after our wedding. We only took what fit in our cars and we drove for the 2 days. The trip was an adventure We didn’t have a TV for the first few months and let me tell you. We were just lazy in buying one and we to entertained with youtube and tik tok. Let me tell you, not having an oversized computer in the livingroom “was magical!

Naturally, if you are raised in a place where it is the thing to do and have in your living room, when you move out, your familiar human senses kick in and you feel the need to have one in your living room to make it feel like home.

However, the adventure we had just taken, the lack of money, and then peacefulness of the non radioactive waves in my home was to good. 

The Cause & Affect

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: News

Whether it’s biased opinions on the topic at hand, the different opinions whether you should be wearing a mask or not, why prices are going up, the noise of the fake news, and whatever else is being told…. There will be a few buttons pushed within you that will trigger some emotional response for example anger. You might be anger by the whats going on. We all know what comes after anger being stressed out and we all know that being stressed out is no good.

There are many reasons to close the door on the whole circus.

If you want a healthy body, don’t eat junk food. If you want a healthy mind, don’t feed it endless negativity.

Your mood will improve tremendously. You’ll have a lot more time since you will be caught up in the negative spiral, disaster in constant worries anymore. Overall your life will get better and almost every conceivable level. And the best part you still know what’s going on.


The negative bias is our tendency not only to register negative stimuli more readily but also to dwell on these events.

People tend to focus more on the negative as they try to make sense of the world.

Once I closed the door on the daily drama  I couldn’t discuss it with others anymore, so our conversations didn’t revolve around chaos and disaster. Think about distressing that can be.

It’s amazing how much positivity you can find in your life once you start looking for it instead of focusing on your worries.

1 year Later

Its been a year now and we have a TV! I know what you’re thinking….”WTH”!? 

Well it was my husband idea not mine. However the title of this article was it what it’s like to live without a TV but rather what it’s like to live without the news. 

Therefore I could still proudly say that we have not watched any news. The TV is purely for movies and YouTube.

We don’t ever plan on wasting our money on cable so that we can watch the endless drama of the news. Instead we have replaced the negativity and worrisome with positive vibes only.

f you want to spend more time on what matters to you, you have to avoid what doesn’t.

The Conclusion

The time and energy that it would’ve taken me to watch the news, I put elsewhere – being newlyweds, we cooked, went out for walks, read books, went hiking, and the like. We were able to be more productive. The noise of the news was not around so we were having fun and enjoying life, which was definitely better than getting an update on the new law the politicians revoked.

Watching the news isn’t going to change anything nor does it benefit our lives in anyway nor will it ever stop in this time of the world. Therefore ,

things will continue to happen whether we know about them or not.

So it is best to be productive and make changes in our lives that will benefit us and others and bring this hype to the news.

Quick tip:

Feeling like you might miss out on something that you should really know about?

You wont.

It takes us in a minute for the news to reach thousands of people through Memes, Instagram, TickTock, YouTube, and all other platforms. So if it’s really something important you will find out if not through these them from someone you know.



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