Costa Rica San Jose Airport Airbnb

Mango Tree House in Alajuela.


10 min drive from the airport

Washer & Dryer Available

Kitchen, Living room Bathroom and Bed room are comfortable

AC unit in the Bedroom

Coffee is provided

The San Jose Airport of Costa Rica is not exactly where you might think it is if you haven’t been there before. 

San Jose Costa Rica

When you pull up the map to look at Costa Rica San Jose it looks like the airport is in the middle of San Jose. Unless you magnify and do more research you’ll realize that the airport is actually in Alajuela, which is a 35 minute drive to the main city of San Jose on a Sunday when there is no traffic and also that’s where the main bus station is at to be able to travel to other locations.

To get from Alajuela to San Jose you can go by taxi or by bus.

Airport Location

Airbnb Vs Hotel

We got to San Jose Costa Rica in the evening. When we landed we were tired and we were hungry. Not to mention we had to wait two hours to get through immigration. By the time we were done through customs it was dark outside and raining.

We stayed in a Airbnb 10 minutes away from the airport thinking that we would have more time at an Airbnb. However we left the very next morning to San Jose to be able to catch the bus at 10 AM to go to Puerto Viejo.

If we had known better we would have chosen to stay at a hotel where food can be delivered to you and a shuttle is provided.

Depending on your travel needs you can choose an Airbnb or a hotel to better suit your schedule and budget.


There is no food delivered to you and no cleaning services

There is noise from the cars off the main street

Because of Covid a lot of food places were already closed nearby 

The Conclusion

It is a good idea to do an extensive research as to whether an Airbnb or a hotel is better for you according to your travel needs and budget. 

This Airbnb was the perfect size and was comfortable. For being 10 minutes away from the airport it did us justice because we just needed a place to sleep.

Our Experience:

Our experience was pleasant and the host was lovely. We just wish there was food because we were Hangry!  

So remember to have food with you if you’re arriving late in the day.

We know a great taxi driver who helped us out here. If you want a reliable man Gabriel the taxi driver is your guy!

 If you would like to have his number please leave a comment! We don’t make any money from this we just love to help.

Safe Travels!

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