How to Spend Your Weekend in Costa Rica + Caribbean + Puerto Veijo

How to Spend Your Weekend in Costa Rica + Caribbean + Puerto Veijo

Puerto Veijo, Costa Rica

Puerto Veijo is on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Here the water is warm and the rainforest and ocean meet side by side so that you can enjoy the beauty of both at once. 

If you check the weather app it’ll tell you that it is all raining. However, that’s not the case….we went during August and although we did see rain, it only rained one full night and morning and then it was hot and humid again. That’s tropical weather to you.

Puerto Veijo is rich in Caribbean Culture Beach Life. If you’re looking to get outside of the city you’ll find some gems. 

If you check the weather app it’ll tell you that it is all raining. However, that’s not the case…

You can easily spend the day at the beach, chillin in the water from morning to evening. If you’re like me, you might sleep in and after grab some brunch on your way to beach. So here are a few places to visit in Costa Rica if you’re visiting Puerto Veijo. 

1. Gypsea Cafe

Many Vegan options to choose from at this location here. During our week stay we ate here 3x.

You can ask for the vegan Benedict breakfast, which is out of this world!

Gypsea Cafe is located in Playa Chiquita. It is about 10 min away from the main city of Puerto Veijo if you’re getting there by Tuk Tuk or taxi.

If you’re riding a bike it is a nice scenery on your way there and it takes about 20 min to get there. 

2. The Path to The Beach

This path to the beach is located across the street from the Gypsea Cafe. It’s about a 5 min walk to the beach amongst the jungle. You’ll come across  colorful crabs and maybe some monkeys passing along the trees. 

The sign says the sea is dangerous.. because depending on the time of year you go the waves can be strong and the water can reach past the shore.

Something to keep in mind:

We went in August and it would start to get dark at 5-6 really quick. 

3. Walk Along The Beach

It is a beautiful walk along the beach from Playa Cocles to Play Chiquita and even towards Punta Uva. 

Just keep in mind the time of day your walking alongside the beach because the water can reach past the shore as the day starts to shift to evening. During the day from 7am to 3 pm is perfect.

You can see the reef and find tiny sea creatures swimming amongst it all.

Enjoy a walk, sun bathe in the sun, and get bathe in salt of the water. Time flies when you’re vacationing!

4. La Leyenda + Drink & Pizza

La Leyenda is located right next to Gypsea cafe. This is great place to come to after a wonderful day of relaxing at the beach, riding bikes and surfing. 

They are open only for dinner. The Chef is from Italy and he makes Pizzas that will make you not want to leave!!! Literally…we came to this place 4 nights in a row. 

Leanordo the bar tender is an amazing person and we were fortunate to meet such a pleasant person. He makes the best drinks!

We ordered the veggie pizza roll which is our favorite cause there so much going on in there and the eggplant parmaseana.

Everything is freshly baked and tastes delicious!

In The City

  • Played chess at roof top vegan restaurant/workplace and order a smoothie (down stairs you’ll find the pharmacia which is like a CVS)
  • Shop at the cute boutiques
  • Buy fresh fruit
  • Have a snack of pan dulce and Cafe
  • Drinks at Chamman (pictured) below

Surf The Waves

Douglas was our instructor for surfing and he was great at coaching us through our experience. This was a two hour surfing lesson that included a 10 min theory class on the beach. You learn the basics and then you’re off to ride the waves!

We found the experience on airbnb. Misael the owner was very kind and offered to pick us up at our location. He’s had a great deal of experience traveling the world and surfing.

I highly recommend this place if you have always wanted to learn how to surf. This is a great place to learn. 

Horse Back Riding On the Beach

This was such a pleasant surprise that my husband planned for us to go horseback riding on the beach for two hours. We also found this experience on Airbnb. Our guide was very blunt and honest but also very kind. 

He went over the basics of how to ride a horse if you’re a beginner and then we went on our way to the beach. 

Chocolate History & making

We got a little lost on our way to our chocolate making experience but once we found it Ancel was very welcoming and we learned a lot from her.

You learn the entire process from tree to chocolate bar and making chocolate from scratch. Starting with the trees we talk about cultivation harvesting in the role of fermentation and drying in the flavors of the chocolate. Then we make the chocolate. 

We help with the process of making the chocolate just like roasting them in the spot like you see in the picture. And we tasted chocolate in a drinkable way.

We also found this experience on Airbnb and after your experience you can tour the botanical garden which has lots of varieties of tropical fruit and nut trees. You do have to pay to enter the botanical garden which is an hour tour.

Jaguar Rescue

We biked are way to the JRC and bought our tickets right there and then. You can also by them online. This was a delightful experience to see the animals up close and personal and learn about the dangers that affect the animals and ourselves.

The JRC is a organization dedicated to helping animals in need. With uncompromising care and love, the JRC rehabilitates injured, sick and orphaned animals and releases those who are restored to good health back to their natural habitat. Through educational outreach, the JRC provides environmental awareness, promotes a harmonious relationship with native wildlife, and encourages the community to protect our delicate ecosystems.

Quick tip:

To keep in mind while planning your trip

  • In August, while it rained every day in San Jose it was summer in Puerto Veijo.
  • A mask is required in most places in San Jose, not so much in Puerto Veijo
  • They have cute summer cloth in the boutiques! 
  • Prices are fair and not very cheap 
  • ( a margarita can cost $7-$10)
  • Italian Pastries at Gustibus Bakery!
  • Don’t bring your expensive things if you don’t want them stolen
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