3 Mistakes You’re Making When Brushing Your Hair

A gentler brush like the boar bristle brush or a comb with staggered teeth, takes down knots without tearing them out.

A round brush is meant for styling your hair with the blow dryer not for getting rid of tangles. Using a styling brush can cause breakage to the hair if not used properly and for what it was intended to do.

Sometimes the things that may seem common sense, like cooking, are the toughest to figure out. Especially, when there is science involved.

Although it may seem stupidly easy to brush your hair.. to pick up a brush and comb it and you think that’s it. However, with these tips from the experts and the right brush you can avoid unhealthy hair and instead keep your hair strong, healthy, and shiny.

1. Using The Wrong Brush

Just like there are different classes for different types of alcohol there are also different hairbrushes for different types of hair and for different uses. 

This is an easy fix.. you just have to pick which hair brush is right for you. 

A wide tooth come is best for detangling the hair and for the natural oils to be less distributed through the hair strands.

 For example, fine hair can be flattened out with a bristle brush because the oils will be distributed therefore making it heavy and oily. But with a wide tooth comb the oils are less likely to be distributed and therefore the hair can keep the volume and will untangled at the same time. A fine tooth comb is more likely to detangle fine hair.

Styling brushes are not meant to detangle hair. These brushes are meant for heat styling, like using the blow dryer to give you soft round ends. Styling brushes are made with metal. Although there are some bristle brushes that are made with wood these are more likely to be a better use if you are using it at home.

A bristle brush, bore bristle brush, is a gentler brush to help the natural oils be distributed through the hair making your hair shiny. This is commonly used for hair that is thick and straight.


2. Choosing The Wrong Comb

Combs were designed for one thing and one thing only: to detangle hair. And professionally speaking they were designed to help us a stylist to get through the hair and give you a beautiful haircut or help us to style.

But they’re not all made equal. It is not a good idea that you only have a wide tooth comb as your main brushing tour. A wide tooth comb is best known as an assistant. A fine-tooth comb is gentler on hair, while one with boar bristles also does the trick if used correctly.

3. Going in The Wrong Direction

Most women make the mistake of brushing from roots to ends on dry hair, which creates more knots and ultimately adds unnecessary damage. 

It’s easy to assume that you should be brushing from top to bottom but with her that’s just not the case.

You should start a few inches from your ends and brush it downward, moving upwards and closer to your scalp only when you’ve taken care of all the tangles in the section you’re working with at the moment.

Going down the entire length of hair in one, long swipe makes it inevitable that you’ll snag your brush on multiple tangles, increasing your odds of breakage.

The Benefits

You will reap the benefits sooner than you think when you apply these quick and easy routine changes into your hair brushing lifestyle. Your hair will be stronger, shinier and healthier. 

The investment any new brush is all the more worth it.

Quick tip:

Products, Products, Products

You have probably heard this from your stylist before. This is because products are important! 

Having the right product for your hair needs is essential for keeping your hair healthy, untangled, and voluminous.

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