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Brushing your hair may seem like a simple, everyday task that is impossible to get wrong, but according to the experts, many people aren’t brushing their hair correctly at all. Below, you can learn more about how and when to brush your hair to get the best possible results for the long term.

Your roots will even get less oily and you won’t need to use as much dry shampoo because you’ll be distributing the natural oils through the hair. That can help seal the ends and the use of less products. On top of that, we lose an average of 100 hairs per day, so brushing the hair is a good way to remove the loose hair.

How to Determine Your Hair Needs


Players take turns rolling the dice (included) and moving their bottle cap pieces around the handsome pine wood board. They complete the beer challenges along the way and risk elimination. The last man or woman standing must drink the Community Cup. Cheers! Handmade by Jackie McLane and Micah Renner in Omaha, Nebraska.

Rapa Nui Eye Glasses Holder

Modeled after the Moai statues on Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island), each eyeglass holder is handcrafted from 100% Indian rosewood using time-honored techniques. Keep it at your bedside or on your vanity—anywhere it lives, it’s a sight to be seen. Handmade in India.

Portable Campfire

 Light it easily with just a match or lighter and bring fire’s glorious magic to the backyard, beach, or campsite for 3-5 hours. Made from soy wax and paper, both recycled, it’s easier on the environment than wood fires. Roast marshmallows over it. Sing songs and tell stories around it. Do a dance for the fire gods. There’s no mess, no embers to spark a wildfire, and no cleanup: Put it out instantly by putting the lid back on. Relight anytime. 

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This brewer-slash-dispenser makes it easy: fill the bag with coffee grounds, add cold, filtered water, and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, just charge, shake, pour, and enjoy a perfectly crafted, creamy, nitro cold brew. Your wallet will thank you (as will anyone lucky enough to join you for a cup). Made in China.

Planet Lollipops 

Each planet gets its own flavor: caramel cream (Mercury), orange cream tangerine (Venus), cotton candy (Earth), pear (Mars), key lime pie (Jupiter), guava (Saturn), marshmallow (Uranus), raspberry (Neptune), apple pie (Pluto), and bubble gum (Sun). Gift to your favorite science geek or treat yourself to your very own taste of the galaxy.

Pink Chai Tea

This all-organic pink chai is harmony in a mug. Made with all-organic ingredients like cardamom and beetroot (hence the pink hue), this spicy, soothing blend is made to help you both rejuvenate and relax. Universe, we’re feeling you. 

Bath & Shower Soap 

Packaged in adorable (and plastic-free) takeout boxes, they look like their edible counterparts, but the natural vegan ingredients in these noodles are there to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your body. Choose from two aromatic blends, then just drop a handful in the tub or massage onto wet skin for a scrumptious shower treat. Handmade in the UK.

Terrarium Candle

Miniature plants are a soy blend, candle bases are pure soy wax scented with premium fragrance oil in pine and vanilla (cactus) and jasmine and white tea (poppy).

DIY Organic Lp Balm Kit

You can use seaweed powder, essential oils, and the instructions you need to put them together to whip up your own soothing balm filled with feel-good ingredients. Better yet, make it a gift—use the included furoshiki cloth to wrap it in a sustainable way, and protective paper packing with seeds that you can plant to keep the natural cycle going. Makes 8 tubes of lip balm

Mini Terrariums DIY

Transform felt, chalk, and stone into realistic succulent garden creations.

A colorful addition to walls, windowsills, and desks, this kit provides a relaxing indoor activity, or three thoughtful gifts to share, that will never require watering, repotting, or sunlight

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