What You Need To Know Before Flying To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical weather place… Meaning it can rain and be hot and humid at any given moment. One night you have a rain storm and you think it’ll never end and the next day it’s the perfect summer day. Bugs most certainly exist and they let it be known..bugs and humidity is the worst combination. We found salamanders chillin in our bathroom. They were great company.

1. Do Not Put Toilet Paper in The Toilet

The country’s plumbing was never built to accommodate for excessive amount of toilet paper and, since many systems are septic or composting, you’ll find ‘toilet paper bins’ in every toilet stall, all over the country. 

If you flush paper products or toilet paper you might have to call a plumber. 

Most places have a sign but it if doesn’t or if you are unsure it’s best just to put it in the bin. Especially, if you are at an airbnb.

**There is a charge at some places for using public restrooms.

Story time:

We stayed at a nice airbnb studio apartment in Puerto Veijo. It was above an Italian bakery and  restaurant. Anyways…. I didn’t read the small print behind the door that says not put toilet paper in the toilet.

BTW… I thought the restroom looked really nice so i assumed that they probably made the toilet situation better too… boy was I wrong. 

We were not even there for an hour and we already had to contact the airbnb host about it.. How embarrassing… 

Don’t make the same mistake!

2. It's Pricey

Silly me, I thought that going to Costa Rica was going to be cheap because it’s in Central America. Little did I know that it was not as cheap as Mexico. Things add up and if you’re eating out everyday and have some activities and have a budget then it can get pricey. Here’s an example: ( It might not be like this with everyone)

Tuk Tuk $3-7 per 5-15 min trip 

Drinks (no happy hour) $6-10

One meal with drinks at a sit restaurant was usually around $40-$60

Boutiques: I bought some shorts and a romper for around $18

Activities Vary $$$

3. The Transportation is Fun!

You can take advantage of the transportation that is there or you can walk. It’s easy to get from one place to another walking but you have to be careful at night not to be walking alone.

You can rent motorcycles for $20, vespas, bicycles and or have a tuk tuk ride you around. 

We had a bicycle that our airbnb provided and that was great!

4. It's HOT & HUMID

I don’t know why I took black jeans. What was I thinking! It only took room in my suitcase when I could have replaced it for another romper!

Because it is soooooo HOT! You want to dress comfortably.. Linen shorts, tang tops,  dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers. Can’t forget the rain jacket because you just never know!

We went horse back riding and this is the view of the beach. The sun was beating down on us for two hours but thankfully we had hats. 

Hats and sunblock are your best friends during your stay!

5. Markets on Saturday

Depending where you are..markets are happening during the weekend.

In Puerto Veijo there is market in town where you can get food, fruits, look at the art and jewelry and more…

Save your money for the market!

6. US Money & English is Widely Accepted

Thinking about where to exchange the currency?

The best thing to do is go to the bank and take out money. You avoid paying any high fees for currency exchange at the airport.

American money is also widely acceptable. However, it’s good to have a few hundred dollars in hand. 

English is also spoken is most popular places. There is a lot of people who move to Costa Rica from other countries and therefore, english is spoken.

7. Travel & Covid

You don’t necessarily have to have the vaccine. But you do have to have proof of health insurance and you have to sign a health pass the day of your flight.

I have everything ready when arriving to the airport.

There are no travel restrictions, however you do have to wear a mask. So make sure you have a mask handy.

Covid Test:

You can take the test at the airport or you ask your taxi driver where they might have a location where you can take the test the day before your flight. There was a location by the airport where we were able to get tested and you receive your results an in hour.

7. Flying to Costa Rica

You are most likely flying to San Jose, Costa Rica, if not you are probably flying in to liberia. 

We got our flying tickets at such a great deal! We made sure to fly there during there “rainy season” and we stayed at two different airbnbs. 

The Conclusion

Costa Rica is wonderful place to visit and we can easily overly think want we wan to pack and what we should know. However, Packing light is the best way to travel here in my opinion. This can help you save room souvenirs, if you like that type of thing!

We took a carry on and hadn’t planned on making not carrying it on but we ended it up paying $30 per to check it in to and forth.

The Phamrmacia carries all self care essentials such as shampoo and conditioner. You don’t necessarily have to take yours. The cost is around $6.

I bought sandals, this romper and shorts. I always buy clothe so I made sure to make room for it!

Quick tip:

Great Fabrics for hot weather and eco friendly!

  • Linen, Hemp, Organic cotton, Bamboo, Lyocel (Tencel)

You can’t bring back agriculture back into the states. 

Have a Safe Flight and Enjoy Your Trip!

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