7 Ways to Style Your Extensions on Vacation

Stay Calm & Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday....

Extensions can take a long time to dry and if you have them you already know matting is the number one thing we want to prevent to keep our natural hair healthy.

1. Hair Down

The day of traveling or the night before, I like to wash my hair and style to set the first day well for the next few days.

I dont put any products until the 3rd day to keep as clean as possible.

2. Hair Down With Braids

Along the streets you can find people who will give you some braids if you give the money…of course…with fun colored strings and jewels. So much fun!

I’m a very simple gal so I did the braids myself and you can do the same.

3. Braids

Fish tail braids, dutch braids, classic braids, all the braids! 

When doing braids I like to add a small gum drop of Beach Resort from Kevin Murphy. This way you can wake up with nice waves in the morning like you just went out to catch some beach waves

I went surfing one day and had sand all over my head! in this case of course i washed my hair and styled it. Took me two hours to dry and style. 

You could wash your hair and dry 50% then braid. You can wake up with some nice waves in the morning.

4. Hair Down & Hats

Oh how I love hats! 

Especially because it protects from the sun…we all know how important that is for future skin welfare, right..?

You can pack one or two hats and if you dont want hat hair you can later add a bun or some space buns.

5. The Bun

There is a plethora of ways to bun your hair. I used a velvet scrunch that i got at H&M. I also love using a small silk scarf to wrap around or to use as a head band!

You can also find some cute velvet scrunchies here!

6. Space Buns

Space Buns are an easy way to get your bangs out of the way or after a few days of not washing your hair.

You can create this look with two elastic bands or even bobby pins.

7. After Braid Look

Yes but not leave after a long week of hairstyles and braids. you can let it all go and add some dry shampoo/conditioner and rock the beach look.

Quick tip:

I wish i would have taken a silk pillow case. That would have made all the difference! Remember to take one so your hair easier to manage in the morning.

I love Kevin Murphy Products! I am not sponsored.

Cute headbands here!

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