Wedding on a Budget + Backyard Wedding

We got married during covid. A very unusual time to live in and get married. I would have wished to have had a big wedding…neverthless, here we are happily married!

Determine Your Budget

We had a budget of 5,000! I know it’s crazy compared to a large wedding! 

Nothing was planned out at first because it all happened so fast! We managed to do it all in 3 Months.

We first called up any body we knew who’s skills were appropriate for the occasion. 

We also checked out the thrift stores for any decor that fit our theme and colors. 

For food we knew it was going to be vegan. But where would we find something fast!? 

Wholefoods was the answer!

We had a nice buffet of salad, roasted veggies, pizza and pasta. Along with a nice selection of wines that we picked out. 

Where Can You Save?

No ceremony fee

A few days before the wedding with our family, we had an appt. to sign our marriage license so we made the drive and we made a day out of it took my brother and sister with us and a friend and they were witnesses we then went to a restaurant for lunch and took photos at the beach till sunset. 

Food was a gift

We created a small buffet with foods from whole foods and the payment was gifted.

DIY Project

We bought a moroccan a rug that was where we stood on during the wedding talk online and we still use now!

We also the built the triangle stand that held flowers.
( and by we, I mean my husband)

We bought some barrels on craigslist and chandelier at the thrift store.

Hair & Make Up

Im a simple gal. I don’t wear much make up and my hair is easily managed. So my beautiful mum did a wonderful natural look for makeup. 

For my hair my gorgeous coworker did my hair by curling it and twisting some pieces as an accent around my head. The head piece I bought on Etsy.

For my dress I also bought on Etsy! I took my measurements and put trust in that it would fit and I had not gained weight.

Our Vows + Photography

We bought our vow booklets on Etsy soon after we were engaged and started writing in them. We also wanted a special place to read them to each other so we searched out a beach in beautiful Santa Barbara and booked an airbnb where i would get ready. 

We rented a mustang for the day and that was the beginning of our wedding day!

We spent about 2.5 hours taking photos of our first look, saying our vows, and more.

Quick tip:

Enjoy the journey of getting married. 

Not Everything will go according to plan but in the end it doesn’t matter because you did it! 

Take the left over cake and wine!

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