New To Yoga? What Is Wall Yoga

The objective behind wall yoga is to use the straps attached to the wall assist people with their yoga practice. The use of the straps, combined with gravity, allows anyone to experience a truly vertical practice. This permits people to experience near-weightlessness as they explore postures in totally new ways.


Based on the principles of alignment, ‘the wall’ is used as a prop to deepen yoga postures by opening and creating space in the body using therapeutic techniques. Students with injuries or limitations may find that the Yoga Wall provides additional support as well as freedom in the joints and muscles, allowing for some relief.



You are able to strengthen different muscle groups that are not typically used, mainly if you have a sedentary lifestyle and to improve flexibility. Wall yoga allows you to hold poses longer  to increase your strength.

Reduces or eliminates back pain.

Builds strength in both the large muscle groups and the core. 

Allows for more oxygen to enter the body and therefore rejuvenating you as well as giving off good energy when ever you feel slugish.


This restorative way of stretching is great introduction to yoga. If you have some experience this is a great way to explore new areas that you didn’t know needed stretching. 

We go after a long day of work on a Monday. Doing so gave us well rested sleep.

The Conclusion

If you love trying out new things and looking for something healthy to add to your weekly life that will help you stay rejuvenated then trying out wall yoga is your perfect package starter. 

Find the nearest place to you. Try in the morning for some good energy before work or after work in the evening to release the tensions of your job and to get a goodnights sleep.

Quick tip:

  • Drink plenty of water after


  • wear yoga grip socks or no socks


  • where an outfit that is absolutely comfortable 
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