Simple Boho Hair Style For Long Hair Hair

Simple boho hair style with braids

This simple boho hairstyle is all my dreams come true especially because I have hair extensions and thick hair. I refuse to cut my hair at the nape area because I want to keep the length. Nevertheless, this is a great boho style for all hair!

What You Need

Litte rubberbands 

Beads or Strings (optional)


You will start by only grabbing the hair in the name area which is at the very bottom of your neck you will start to three braids. I like to do three braids on each side making it six altogether.

You can use beads to add to the braid or a string to make it look more bohemian.

Thats It! Pretty simple, right!?

Look to video for you visual learners.

There isn’t much to an instruction as to how to do this hairstyle because of how simple it is. 

Quick tip:

Hairspray can help keep the layers and disobedient hairs to be tamed and allowed to be braided. 

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