Why Everyone is Raving About Meow Wolf In Denver, Co

Meow Wolf is a fun interactive art museum where you can find your inner creativity even if you feel that you don’t have any. You don’t always have to compare apples to apples, why not compare apples to oranges and let your brain feel change, excitement, and view the world from a different perspective! Your imagination will come alive!

Ask The Staff

You will randomly see one or two people making a fun skeptical in the middle of the art and they will be dressed up… These are people who are part of the team of Meowwolf, you can ask them if there’s anything that is worth seeing or that you could’ve possibly missed because there is just so much to see! They will show things that you could have passed by! 

Break Time

Make sure to plan a good amount of time and have some stylish but comfortable clothing and shoes fro plenty of selfies!

We got there at 11am and didn’t leave till around 3pm. 

You do have to pay for parking. ( it’s an all day parking)

Quick tip:

No tip…. Just Enjoy!

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