Fall Velvet Hair/Head Band

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, or your fashion week street style inspo & take your hairstyle up a few notches. Pair your messy buns, slicked-back ponytails and loose waves with a headband.

Take your favorite hairstyle and pop on a fun embellished or knotted headband to make it feel new and fashion-forward. It’s also a great way to take that hair that needs a bit of a wash and instead add in some dry shampoo, maybe some dry conditioner ( if it’s been too long) and cover up your hair with a pretty headband.

One of the hottest hair trends has been all things headbands. For fall my favorite are the velvety ones! With so many to choose from, there really is something for everyone. Sometimes when new trendy things come around I either eventually hop on the hot trend, or knowingly say to myself “no way is that going to happen”.

The Lorelei Headband was inspired by baroque opulence, and immediately became a best-selling silhouette. This braided headband is handmade in New York from lush silk velvet in rich colors, emulating the shape of a braid-crown instantly. We wear this headband with everything, and recommend spicing up your wardrobe with multiple colors of the Lorelei.

Quick tip:

I like to braid my hair the night before go to sleep with it like that and the next they have some nice beachy waves put on some dry shampoo and rock the day with a velvet hairband.

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