How To Welcome Change for An Extraordinary Life

Change behavioral exercise: Pair up a desirable activity with and undesirable activity

“Why Am I Like this!?” Do you ever wonder that in awkward circumstances or just whenever? 

Often I admire the traits of others and wish to be like them because to me they are likable people. Some of the nicest people I have as friends and I admire them.

We all have some degree of self doubt and we need to learn to grow to train that. Of course you should embrace your traits cause that makes you who you are and acknowledge that it takes time to be in your skin. Although there are people whom you share similarities with, there is no one like you. Learning to accept the imperfectness of ourselves can be difficult at times.

Learn how to use your traits in a way that helps and serves others and doesn’t force others to have to change. 

I’m a strong willed person and when I make any mistake I can be really hard on myself. I’m more quiet, thoughtful and observant. Sometimes I want to be more than this or not at all this.

Can you relate to such feelings? Are there some things you wish you could be like? 

I recently learned to say “It’s a part of me and not all of me.”

Recognize the traits that you don’t like in yourself and learn how to use them in way that helps others and serve others and doesn’t force others to have to change. 

When you recognize such traits you give more space for self acceptance and can see with more clarity what and where you want to work on yourself. 

It’s hard to improve our lives unless we get super aware of the judgments we’ve made about other people. Because often they are a reflection of ourselves.

Accept your humainity and that of others

Have you ever found that you left something that was; it was good but you knew there were something grand out there waiting for you.

There was nothing necessarily wrong with this thing you wanted to let go but there was something that you just felt like it would make you happier, purposeful.

Did that require change? Courage to let go of the familiar? Walk into the unknown? Because letting go isn’t always just about letting go what’s wrong? Sometimes, it’s letting go what’s right so you can find also what’s more right.

To give another person acceptance is to open up the gate.

If to give another person acceptance is to open up the gate. Then how much more true that is for ourselves when we accept and work on on ourselves, more doors will open for us.

Find something deep inside you that connects you with change and makes you want to do it. That you feel pride and do it.

Are You Stuck?

Have you not changed because you are telling yourself, “I need everything to be perfect and according to plan.” I need to know every step from here on out.”

If so, I guarantee, you’re not progressing, growing or achieving at the rate that you could….at your potential. The willingness is there, but a feeling is not enough. Action is required.

  • Be okay with being scared
  • Be okay with becoming vulnerable
  • Be okay to say ‘ I dont know what’s going to happen next”?

And that’s okay because… You will figure it out. You might be a hot mess for a minute but you will get through it. Then you’ll just be hot and you’ll leave the mess behind you.

Don’t ever forget when you knock on the door of opportunity that it’s work who answers.

Social Fear Of Change?

The price to change is other people might not understand and that can cause judgment and rejection.

Some would rather have you conformed to their small conception of you. People draw a little conceptual cage around who you are and they say, “Well, this is who that person is.” They think they know you. Rather, it’s a label that people may unintentionally put on you.

They don’t know tomorrow and they don’t know where you want to go. They don’t know exactly what you are capable of because they’re trying to gage it based on their certainty coming from the past. But who you are is not tethered to the past.

You get to choose that every day, a second chance. That’s a second chance every single day. 

Tomorrow is always a blank slate. Tomorrow you get to begin a new you. It takes guts and most people don’t have the guts because they’re scared of the rejection that could come.

Your spouse makes fun of you. The people at work go, “What are you? Crazy?” 

But you know at the end of the day, it’s your life and you’ve got to decide what it stands for.

The Conclusion

Progress demands you let down your need for control and do something new.

To change means walking into the unknown. That scares most of us. You have to say to yourself,  “I’m okay with that… I’m not going to know what is going on but I’m going for it anyways. I’m going to enter through that gate. I don’t know if I’m going to be trampled over or if i’ll taste the rainbow. But I’m going to go in.”

Trust in your ability to figure things out. You don’t know how it’s going to go, but know that you’re going to show up as the best of who you are and figure it out.”

Quick Tip:

This world will always be chaotic we must find the peace and create Balance. Without chaos and peace there is no balance.

Find your Peace

Then Begin Your Journey to change

Track your progress

Enjoy the ride!

With Love,


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