Best Of 2021 + Recap

2020 recap 

Started Dating


Got Engaged!

Got Married!

Moved To Colorado!

One Year Later

It’s no joke! Time does go by fast. Writing about it and posting these pictures helps to really set that in. 

Heres a recap of 2021 through the lens of my camera!


Success is defined differently by every individual because of their backgrounds, desires, wants and needs. I think it’s safe to say that the definition of successes has been normalized to fit the individuals goals. I might not be a millionaire but I have been successful in the areas where I have aimed the most effort and I’m happy with that. Content yet still ambitious.

  1. We managed to find jobs and stay in Colorado. Which has been such a great change in our lives. One that was never expected but 90% of my life is made up things that i would never expect. A very humbly experience to be alive, that’s to say the least.
  2. We got our first home furnished with some lovely pieces.
  3. Exploring for me is always a success. Opening your brain to a new area and new experiences is so rewarding in it’s own way.
  4. Read More Books

5. One full year since I started this blog all on my own. It was a struggle for several months, until I got the hang of it.

6. I had gained some weight, not to much but enough that you can tell and made me not like me. So I got it together and lost 15lbs! ( still getting better)

7. 3 Years Vegan!! Yayyyyyy!

8. Learned a new skill ( hair Extensions)

9.  Started a blog


It’s normal to hate to fail hence the reason why many people like to celebrate their failures… I very much with passion dislike to fail.. Instead of celebrating the failure, let’s celebrate the lessons from the failure and not the fail itself.

  1.  My biggest failure was something personal, of integrity and staying true and loyal to what I whole heartedly believe in in what point of my life. Regrets come with failure but nothing hurts more than not having kept my integrity. 

Lessons Learned

Thinking back to all this i’ve learned that the quality of the input you put forth isn’t the same as the quality of the output. Focusing on outputs leads us astray because good decisions can lead to bad out comes.

  • In conditions of uncertainty, outcomes aren’t within bad control ( that can cause anxiety, But that’s another topic for another day)
  • A bad wind storm can destroy a whole neighborhood 
  • Inputs are not sexy but it’s where the focus needs to be
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Take the adventure because life is short
  • Start now on all the things you ever wanted too so you don’t look back with regret
  • Don’t let guys come into your life unless you guys have the same values and goals
  • Go with the flow
  • Take a holiday
  • Marriage is Foreverrrrr if you consider it sacred
  • Focus on what’s important and keep your integrity

A failure can sometimes mean the beginning of something better

1 Year Anniversary! + Costa Rica

A happy one year anniversary to this blessed man right here who has been a wonderful husband and travel partner who puts up with my queen vibes and dramatic flare! I look forward to the potential of our future.

We celebrated on our anniversary month and went to Costa Rica whether our wallets permitted it or not. No Regrets!

Never would I have imagined us together or the life I have now but here we are happily existing in this side of the world. After our wedding we spent some time in beautiful Santa Barbara California and then moved to Colorado. This year we went to costa and did tons of things like horse back riding, surfing them riptides!, meeting some down to earth people, making chocolate, ate the best pizza, got in the rain drinking pina coladas and margaritas. Can’t wait to do it again! 

I started a new job in a salon where they specialize in hair extensions only. Now I work with a fabulous team who are all so different and beautiful in their own ways. 

Visited Cali for some family business. Got to see some of the family then had to head back to my responsibilities. 

What would you do even if you knew you would fail? What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant?

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