Downloadable Vegan Grocery List and What I Eat In a Day

I don’t always eat the same thing everyday but when I do it’s because I meal prepped. 

Spinach Banana Pancakes

A simple and nutritious way to get your protein and healthy carbs. You can barley taste the spinach, it’s incredible. I like to add peanut butter to mine.

Black Bean + Rice + Tofu + Burrito

Protein Burrito

There are several ways to make a healthy high protein burrito. You don’t always have to go to Chipotle. My recipes vary but I often like to add tofu to them.

Green Juice

Green Goddess Smoothie

Green juices are my go to pick me ups as a snack or sometimes before my main breakfast.Green Smoothies are also just as great as a morning meal.

Pea Soup

This time I did not make the pea soup from scratch because I found it at Trader 
Joes so I was like why make it from scratch! Although, I have to say that I do prefer making it myself.

Grocery List + Trader Joes + Vegan

#Downloadable Vegan Grocery List and What I Eat In a Day

Quick tip:

Don’t go grocery shopping hangry… know why!

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