The Best Vegan Sandals For Summer That Are Fashionable Sustainable

Sustainable fashion brands create fashion in a way which is most considerate of humanity and environment, reducing the environmental impact wherever possible.

The ultimate goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

Fast fashion is all about trends, but we’ve been told what to wear for so long many of us have forgotten what our own unique style looks like.

Many sustainable brands focus on creating timeless pieces of high quality. Curate your own personal style, say goodbye to money wasting fashion trends and wear clothes that reflect you!

Eco Friendly Sandals That Are Cute

Able Suze Sandals


The soft shapes and playful design make this slip-on-and-go sandal an easy match with warm weather dresses and denim.

You can order in napa leather or suede.

If you find your product doesn’t live up to this standard, they promise to repair or replace it. For life.

Their other sandals are just as cute!

Manebi Hamptons Lace up Flat Espadrilles


Manebí’s signature footwear styles are fully designed in Italy and handcrafted by artisans in Spain. Its iconic espadrilles feature the sole crafted from natural jute combined with natural rubber. The brand’s shoe boxes and shopping bags are entirely made of recycled paper.


Vestiaire Collective 


Here You will find more vintage luxury pieces on Vestaire Collective, which is more heavily curated based on brand.


Nisolo Women’s Sandals


With a wide variety of sandals and a heart for sustainability these by far are my favorite!

Your support has enables Nisolo to become one of the world’s top rated Certified B Corporations and the #1 ranked Re/Make brand.

We scored this product across 200 sustainability metrics to help clarify its social and environmental impact and to hold ourselves more accountable in hopes that the industry will begin to do the same.

Laiik Ani Sand


Comfortable and nice looking sandals with which you can walk for long distances 

Uppers are made with vegetable tanned and chromium free Italian leathers.

Finished with our signature stacked cuoio leather sole and rubber outer sole.

Gaia Platform Espadilles


White platform espadrilles  feature an upper made with 100 percent organic cotton.

The outsole is made from a combination of eva and jute, a vegetable fiber, as well as a lining made with polyurethane and viscose.

Valentina Desserto Cactus Leather Vegan Sandal


These platform sandals are give off serious desert vibes. Picture It!  They are made with cactus leather, an OEKO-TEX certified organic vegan leather.

The eco-friendly material is produced on sustainable farms in Mexico from the native nopal cactus. 

In addition to being durable and breathable, producing the plant-based cactus material requires low energy and water usage and emits less carbon dioxide.

Vivala Sandals 


Dress up your favorite evening dress or keep it casual with these square-toed mules. Feature a yarn upper and an ultra-soft microfiber sole, the sandals pair perfectly with a dress or jeans. In addition to being made with recycled materials, the sandals are packaged in 100 percent recycled cardboard.

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