How Often Should You Wash Your Hair and Wash Your Hair Extensions

How to Wash Your Hair + How Often + Extensions Edition

Whether you have extensions or not it can be difficult to decide how often we should be washing our hair. Especially because we all have a different type of lifestyle and different genetics. You would think that we would know how often we should be washing our hair because no one should know better than we do. But our lifestyle, genetics, diet, atmosphere and more contribute to the decision-making of how often we should wash our hair and how to wash our hair. 

Who would’ve thought!

It’s a debate that has been raging for decades, with answers ranging from everyday without fail, to once a week at most. I know a few people who wash their 2x a week.

How to Determine Your Hair Needs

Before deciding what hair washing regime is best for you, you need to really understand your hair type.

Below you will find some tips that can help you confirm what your hair type is, saving you time and money by ensuring you are buying the right products and washing your hair the right amount of times.

The Strand Test (for thickness) Take a single hair in between your fingers. If you:

  • Cannot feel it, you have fine hair
  • Can feel it, you have medium hair
  • It feels thick or coarse, you have thick hair

It’s important to look at individual strands, as you can actually have ‘a lot’ of hair but it can still be fine, or you might have very thick hair that is, in reality, relatively sparse.

The Stretch Test (for condition)

Take a single hair in between your fingers and stretch it out. If it:

  • Breaks immediately, you have low elasticity indicating your hair isn’t as healthy as it could be
  • Stretches to 50 per cent of its original length, you have high elasticity and healthier hair

If your hair is ‘weak’, you might want to look to strengthening treatments and also consider whether frequently getting it wet or brushing it through after washing is the main cause of your problems. It is possible that hair can break with the wrong brush.

Finer Hair:

Many people think it’s bad to wash their hair everyday saying this will dry it out, but that’s n0t very likely to happen because people with finer hair have more oil glands on their scalp, and their hair therefore becomes greasy faster. You can avoid drying out the hair if you are using high quality shampoos and conditioners and then gently drying the hair.

More frequent use of hot styling tools will have an impact on condition so try air drying on alternate days, especially if you are staying at home.”

Cleanliness is key for keeping your hair healthy and your scalp balanced, and it's possible to wash your hair without stripping away its natural shine by using shampoo, conditioner and then a lotion to help nurture and strengthen the hair.

Medium Hair:

If you hair isn’t super fine you might feel like you can go longer without reaching for the shampoo, looking to your environment before settling to quickly to any schedules, will help determine when to wash your hair.

You take your hair and scalp to the same places you take your face and they get just as dirty.

You wouldn’t go days on end without washing your face (especially if you live in a city). Although, the scalp is covered by hair and go longer without a wash. 

If you have medium textured hair, try to shampoo every other day or two days at least.”

Thick Hair:

I prefer clients to wash thick hair 2 to 3 days a week. The problem with thick hair is people don’t rinse well enough and shampoo particles can dry and look like dandruff.

If it’s itchy, irritated or greasy don’t be afraid of washing it – just use a good quality, hydrating shampoo and conditioner when you do. 

Sensitive Hair:

Frequent shampooing will help keep the scalp healthy , although choose a formula that is gentle and non-stripping to avoid irritation.

Many people, especially those with longer hair will only have dryness or damage towards the ends, with good condition at the roots.

You should wash your hair regularly to remove impurities and product build-up. And let’s not forget that your scalp is skin, and just like pores, product buildup can clog your hair follicles. Wash your hair at least a couple of times a week.

It’s therefore best to choose a shampoo specifically to treat the scalp and root area because thats what shampoo os for. Then, choose your conditioner depending on your mid-lengths onwards.

When You Have Extensions

Im always brushing.

I have thick hair and when I don’t have extensions I like to wash my hair every 2 days, Sometimes 3 because you know…my best friend…dry shampoo.

With extensions I like to wash my hair every 4- 5 days. However, I have noticed i get itchy by the 5th day so that’s the longest I go with out washing.

Rough Drying your hair can cause split ends. Rather, twist and squeeze the water out as many times as you can then apply product.

What Happens If you Don't Wash Your Hair?

Not washing your hair sufficiently can cause scalp issues like dandruff, scalp acne and excessive greasiness. “Initially you will get a build up of dead skin cells, natural oils and bacteria,

‘The key thing is that for many this will itch and then we scratch and the scalp can easily become infected. Healthy hair needs a clean scalp, as blocked or clogged follicles can inhibit quality hair growth.

What Happens If You Wash Your Hair Too Much!?

Washing your hair too much can cause your scalp pH to rise (it becomes more alkaline where it should be slightly acidic) which leads to it becoming irritated, dry or flaky and actually result in a greasy scalp when it starts overcompensating and producing more oil

What You Need

  • A Good Brush ,  Yes , you can’t just have any brush as much as we thought we could. It’s important to know that how often you brush your hair will also keep your hair healthy.
  • Scalp Therapy Massager
  • Shampoo specifically made for you scalp needs
  • Conditioner for you hair end needs
  • Blow Drying Product

Quick tip:

How to wash your hair: 

Start by getting your hair wet. Then squeeze out the shampoo into your hand and smother it with love with both hands the scrub through the scalp. Depending on the shampoo you can leave it for hot minute and then add conditioner to the ends ( think ponytail down). Leave the conditioner on for 10 min.

Once you’re done rinsing your hair DO NOT ROUGH DRY..rather twist and squeeze the water out as many times as you can then apply product.

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