A Place Like Mars At The Painted Mines In Colorado Springs

How I love exploring new places. We had no idea this place even existed! The Painted Mines is headed right outside Colorado Springs. You pass all the new homes until you reach wide open spaces where you’ll see cows and random homes plopt in random places. 

The Paint Mines are named for their colorful clays that were collected by American Indians to make paint. The Color is caused by oxidized iron compounds found throughout the many different clay layers.

The park features fantastic geological formations including cave formations and hooves that you can walk though. You’ll come across selenite clay and jasper.

The park includes a restroom facility, four miles of trails, interpretive signage, and many natural wonders.

29950 Paint Mines Road
Calhan, CO 80808

Duration: 2-3 hours

The trail begins near the restroom on the southeast side of the parking area and travels northeast into a grassy area. The path curves to the right, narrows, and heads south through a white sandstone wash. The trail has been walked on and is easy to follow.

  • Careful on the rock formations. The rock formations are made up a a brittle form of sandstone that easily chips and can be damaged even by the rubber soles of our shoes. 
  • Dogs are prohibited 
  • One of the best spots for taking photos 

Quick tip:

Take snacks and water for the trip. Toilet paper and sanitizer in case the restroom doesn’t have it. 

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