Buena Vista, Mountain Village For A Weekend Getaway

Buena Vista is situated in scenic Chaffee County, between the Collegiate Peaks and the Arkansas River in south-central Colorado, and is known for its laid-back, mountain-town vibe.


Hot Springs In Buena Vista

Buena Vista is nestled in between the mountains a few hours from Denver Colorado. You can stay at the inns close to the hot springs or stay near by the town in an airbnb. 

Mt. Princeton is a great place to buy a cocktail and chill by the river in their hot springs or in the pool. Lockers are provided or if you’re like me take a backpack that you can just carry around. Make sure not to take any valuables with you.

Nearby are great places to stay at:

Railroad Inn

Surf Hotel

Hiking Trails In Buena Vista Co

It takes almost an hour to drive to the Alpine Tunnel Trail from Buena Vista, but it’s worth the time in the car because this hike delivers some of the best panoramic mountain views the area has to offer. Located in the San Isabel National Forest, the Alpine Tunnel Trail is a five and a half-mile there and back hike that’s considered to be easy.

Barbara Whipple Trail is and easy trail and right off the main street from BV. Great for morning views of the Collegiate Peaks and getting to see the river.

Silver Creek Trail  is mellow and then about half a mile in you’re going straight incline to the top. Dogs allowed if leashed

Dining and Drinks

Buena Vista has a lot of great places to eat and have great cocktails. This place is definitely a great place to have your fix for whiskey if that’s what the drink of your choice or wish to experience it!

Deer hammer makes there whiskey in haus

Crave has amazing pizza, IPA, and margaritas

Simple Eatery has great salads and drinks

Live Music

Walking on the main street, my husband and I wanted to play pool and we stumbled upon The Lariat where they had live music. We found a new favorite band and we ended up dancing.

Wesley and Rose- The restaurant and bar are open nightly from 4 pm-10 pm. Sunday Brunch is served from 9 am – 2 pm.
From freshly baked artisan breads and beignets to crisp salads, and specialty cocktails. Located in the Surf hotel where they often have live music.

Enjoy the view of the sunset and main as you have dinner on the terrace. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of the mountains and the people as you enjoy a craft beer and some delicious bites!

Be A Savvy Packer

Firstly, pack light. You won’t wear half the clothes you want to take, and it’ll only cost you more in baggage to bring more than you need.

So just be sure you bring the essentials so that you don’t have to shop while you’re away and you can make room for souvenirs. 

No matter where you’re heading, take at least one pair of long jeans, a warm hoodie, and a waterproof jacket for unpredictable weather incidents.

Coffe Shops

Our Favorites

Buena Vista for a weekend getaway is a great place to soak in the hot springs maybe even hop from one resort to another, or visit the farmers market on a Sunday. grab a dirty hippie in the morning (not a real one, the coffee version is what I’m talking about), and have some pizza with craft beers, not to mention the hiking trails that you can hike.

Quick tip:

Don’t forget your towel and make sure to stop by the farmers market on a Sunday!

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