Best Yoga Essentials For The Best Session Ever

Going green will make you less reliable on fuels and other harmful toxins. You will become self-sufficient and be able to create new and innovative ways to get back and forth to work while also saving energy in your homes.

The #1  mat recommended and built to last forever!

Perfect thickness to pack in your suitcase and provides a great grip for yoga and other workouts.

Ultra-dense cushioning provides superior support, stability and joint protection.

Closed-cell material seals out moisture and bacteria. Easy to disinfect and clean. Meticulously crafted in Germany. 

The Align yoga strap combines the traditional strap design of the legendary BKS Iyengar. Made with unbleached natural cotton webbing and an innovative sure-secure interlocking buckle, this strap will support and enhance your practice.

This top is so soft and the colors are vivid, very cute and comfy for yoga and lounging around. 

  • for the dedicated yogi; uber comfy, supportive, and perfect to match your favorite leggings. Free range movement in every activity. You’ll forget it’s even on!

This romper is amazing! You won’t want to take it off!

The Plant-Based Bōdhi Jumper is the ultra comfy “do everything” sort of go-to outfit. And, the best part about this minimalist outfit is that it’s made from plants. We use a beechwood-based fabric to make this sleek onesie wonder. Our plant-based fabrics support your body and our planet.

This half compressive and half flowy fit jumper has been designed to look and feel ideal, no matter what it is you may be doing. Relax, dance, do yoga, walk around town; Do nothing or everything. This jumper was designed to support women in moving however they want + to feel incredible while doing it. 

  • Fabrics: 62% Organic Cotton, 20% Nylon, 11% Polyester, 4% Elastane, 3% Elastodiene
  • Colors: Black, Lavender, Purple, Grey
  • Style Features: Solid, Crisscross straps
  • Grip: Yes – Silicone Triangles
  • Fit: Below ankle
  • Arch Support Band: Yes
  • Style: Closed Toe

Enhance your next yoga experience with The Freedom Wheel from B Yoga. Durable and versatile, this wheel can be used to assist a variety of poses, from supporting your backbend to helping you deepen your asana practice by opening your heart, shoulders, and chest.

The Kanjo Coconut Acupressure Mat is a convenient and effective way to address aches and discomfort at home. This mat draws on the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of acupressure to target specific points along the back, neck, and shoulders to ultimately relieve pain and stress. Made with natural coconut fiber, 100% organic cotton linen, and BPA-free plastic stimulators, the Kanjo Coconut Acupressure Mat is an eco-friendly choice when it comes to taking control of your daily wellbeing.

Bring weights into your movement practice or everyday life with UWRAP from Equipt. Made from black vegan leather and filled with metal balls for extra comfort and security, these ankle or wrist weights can be used during your yoga practice, while on a run, or simply worn throughout your day.

Includes two UWRAP ankle or wrist weights.

Handcraft Organic Yoga Bolster Pillow in Los Angeles with the finest organic and plant-based materials from around the world, including a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton cover and vegan buckwheat fill. This MADE SAFE® certified meditation yoga pillow delivers pressure-relieving support. Ideal for restorative and prenatal yoga.

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Interior pocket
  • Zip closure
  • Print lining
  • Made from natural materials

Quick tip:

Practice Safe Yoga!


Peace & Love & all good vibes sending your way.

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