Vegan One Pot Meals

One pot meals are my go-to recipes right now. Aside from the weather change that automatically takes into comfort food, we’re remodeling our basement and therefore, the easier and more efficient the better. Although I’m starting to believe that this is how it should always be.  

The easiest one pot curry you’ll make this year. I love a good middle eastern dish. The spices open up the air ways within the soul and nourish the body. The chickpeas in this recipes is a good source of protein and carbs come from the right places..the veggies. Indulge this fall in some delicious and guilt free.

I absolutely love using soaked cashews in place of dairy. It gives it a creamy feel and you can’t even tell that you’ve substituted the dairy. Chickpea pasta is also my go to pasta because of the nutrition value that it has to offer. Especially, when trying to keep weight off. 

When cooking I tend to cook more asian inspired meals. I I am absolutely obsessed with Asian culture. However, cooking this Cajun jambalaya takes me back to the days I spent in Belize. I wasn’t vegan then but this cajun dish satisfies the memory.

Pad Thai…Did You Know that Trader Joes carries a vegan pad thai frozen!? It’s a staple in this household and then when I’m feeling like a chef I head over to this recipe to make my husbands favorite meal!  

This vegetable stew is the perfect dish to have on a cold night for dinner. It’s absolutely comforting with warm toasty bread. Click on the link to head over to yumsome where you’ll find more amazing recipes!

Red Lentil is one of my favorite dishes. Many people can get tired of lentils but aside from the nutritional value as high protein content, I find this to be comforting with some toasted naan bread.

I’m actually making this today! It’s been a minute since I’ve made a white bean soup. Today’s weather here in Colorado is definitely putting me in a mood for this.

This creamy mushroom is soup is so delicious. I like to add some extra garlic or rub it on some sourdough bread and toast it to make it perfect for soup dipping.

Quick tip:

Crockpot or Instant cooker for the win!

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