Cracked Feet? We Got A Budget Savvy Solution

You have to treat your feet like you treat your face. I live in Colorado now where it’s dry most of the year and now I appreciate this expression and make sure the same care I give to my face is also on my feet. Although, I feel like we don’t pay them much attention cause they’re way down there haha. Long gone are those days. No more taking them for granted.

The Solution:

Glycolic acid is an AHA (or alpha hydroxy acid) that works to chemically exfoliate skin by breaking bonds between dead skin cells. It helps shed dead skin-causing issues, such as calluses, and can help soften and improve skin texture.

 “Theoretically, if you’re asking me whether glycolic acid can help dry feet, I suppose it can,” she said. “It’s an exfoliating acid and if you have a lot of hard, dead skin on your feet, then probably, using a little bit of glycolic acid will help that.” Dr Mahto on His IG live goes on to say that the stratum corneum (the top layer of skin) is super thick on the soles of our feet. “If you have a thick stratum corneum that has built up, using glycolic acid could help that. It makes total sense.”

Firstly, avoiding ingredients like these on areas with broken or sensitive skin, severely cracked heels and any active skin irritation is always recommended. You have to make sure that you don’t have any other underlying problems, such as fungus, that may be causing cracks or other textural issues.

How To:

Using glycolic acid once or twice a week and a nourishing balm on the other nights

I soaked a cotton pad with the glycolic and swiped it over my dry skin, then followed with a slathering. soak your feet in warm water and apply a nourishing balm to soles, then cover with bamboo foot socks.

“The glycolic acid must be a higher percentage than what you’d use for the face. Because the skin on your feet is rougher than the skin on your face, it requires more exfoliation power—which is why glycolic acid-infused products specifically designed for feet exist in the market.

The Conclusion

Having smooth and soft feet feels so rewarding. There’s no shortage of people who scrape by with unattended callouses or rough patches of dry, cracked skin, which can be especially painful in the winter. But when you take care of your hardworking foundations, each step can feel noticeably lighter and more comfortable. Not to mention the process of giving yourself an at-home pedicure can be relaxing, especially after a long day.

Quick tip:

Lest not forget the legs which are our greatest supporters though out the day!

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