Best Products For Blow Drying Your Hair

Why Should You Use Blow Drying Products When Drying You Hair?

In the real world, multiple salon visits a month just isn’t in the cards or even the coins. And sometimes you’d rather not make the trip. Whatever the reason, there always comes a time when we have to do our blowouts at home. And to get that super-satisfying, just-got-my-hair-did look, it takes the right technique, and, just as importantly, the right products. Your blow dryer is an important facet as well as the products you use. It can provide heat protection, smoothness to frizzy hair, add volume to fine hair, make the hair manageable, speed up your blow-dry time, add shine, etc…

Of all the simple, pure pleasures in life — watching the sun set, that first sip of wine — emerging from the salon after a fresh blow out is a favorite. Why? Because our hair looks amazing — and we also happen to love being appreciated.

Tips & Tricks

There are tons of blow-dry products out there and it can be complicated and expensive to try a bunch of different products, especially if you don’t know whether you want a cream or a spray to do the job. That’s where I come in to help you out here.

Blow Out Spray 

Designed for those with finer hair looking to add a bit more volume. Spray formulas are more lightweight and won’t weigh the hair down.

Blow Out Creams 

These are formulated for anyone with thick, frizzy, and/or curly hair.

*But he warns that all products are formulated differently so pay close attention to the labels and online reviews when you’re choosing one.

On the upside there is always styling products that will help with whatever we cannot control with our hair.

Favorite Products

Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

This treatment works by blocking out moisture using heat-activated polymers. It’s especially great if you have color-treated hair, which is more vulnerable to the effects of humidity. Spray this on damp hair and get to blow-drying — no need to add more product. This will give you stick-straight glass hair. that won’t turn into a puffy mess 10 minutes later. 

Rene Furterer Straightening Gel 

  • Styling cream for moisture and light hold
  • Protects against humidity and frizz 
  • Cakile extract helps prevent moisture loss and boosts hair’s resistance to the elements
  • Vitamin B5 moisturizes to enhance suppleness and elasticity 
  • Leaves hair soft, bouncy and shiny
  • Ideal for wavy and curly hair

Kenra Professional Blow Drying Cream

  • Increases all over body & fullness
  • Enhances shine & tames frizz
  • Ideal for blowout & styling control
  • Provides thermal protection up to 450 degrees

Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth

 A smoothing heat-activated style extender that is activated by the heat of your blow dryer, this lightweight spray creates the ultimate silky, smooth blow dry with softness, volume and a frizz free finish!

Bumble & Bumble all Style Blow Dry

A heat protective blow-dry creme for bounce, shine and volume.

Work this into your roots while you hair is dap so that it is absorbed and then begin blow drying.

Rahua Air Dry Spray

Let your hair shine without the use of heat. This air-dry spray is crafted with a blend of botanical gums and natural sugars to keep hair in line without diminishing its natural texture or shape.

A duo of aloe and hibiscus imparts a light-reflecting sheen while smoothing strands from root to tip.

Bonus: The fruity, floral aroma instantly transports you to a tropical oasis.

L’ange Dream Cream

  • Helps strengthen hair
  • Nourishing leave-in formula
  • Locks-in softness & shine
  • Treatment + styling benefits
  • Reduces frizz
  • Defines curls & waves
  • May be used pre or post styling

Amika Glass Action Hydrating Hair Oil Universal Elixir

This nutrient-rich hair oil is a product of many talents – treating, styling, + finishing hair to name a few. the elixir smooths + reduces frizz, plus, it’s a great partner-in-crime to other styling products for added conditioning benefits. fun fact: glass action hair oil has one of the highest concentrations of amika’s signature ingredient, sea buckthorn.

Amika Blow Dryer Brush

  • tourmaline coated barrel generates negative ions and infrared heat to smooth hair and minimize frizz
  • oval barrel is designed to deliver extra root lift and increase overall volume
  • short bristles increase bounce, shine and polish

The Benefits

Correct blow drying will not harm your hair. However, applying heat to your hair when it is already dry can cause brittleness, breakage, dullness and dryness. The secret to safe blow drying is good timing and the proper use of tools and products.

Blow drying can help keep your hair healthy and give volume. At the same time, blow drying will close the hair cuticles which will avoid the incident of having split ends.

Quick tip:

If you’re traveling and don’t want to blow dry your hair make sure to do your research on a non-blow drying cream or spray.

With a good blowout and the right products you won’t need to wash your hair the next day. However, Dry Shampoo & or Dry Conditioner may come in handy.

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