Bougie On A Budget: The Best Self-Adhesive Eye Lashes

Bougie On A Budget: The Best Self Adhesive Eye Lashes

Would I rather go get my lashes done so that I just don’t have to do them myself? Absolutely! Now there are pros and cons to getting them done. For one they last about  3 weeks long and I get to take a nice hour-long nap and then wake up with beautiful long lashes. I’m not even going to talk about the price because you already know, not to mention refills. Therefore, let me introduce to my new found love.

I would just like to say that I have never put on lashes on my own. Like going to the store, buying them so I can go home and put them on. In fact, I much rather prefer getting a keratin lashes. 

Tips & Tricks

LET ME TELL YOU the a lash lift with self-adhesive lashes is just MUAH! Even better! 

No matter how many tutorials you watch, false lash application feels intimidating. Between the glue, the tweezers, and navigating that pesky strip, it seems like something can always go awry. No need to fear this self-adhesive lashes will make your anxieties rid away. 

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Favorite Products




This is probably on the higher end of being bougie but if the shoe fits then it’s right for you! It may take a bit to get the hang of it but once you get it on you can leave them on for the day or even the week. Of course, that is all up to you and how hard you can be on your lashes or everyday doings. Feel beautiful from the moment you wake up!


Every Day Best Seller Kit


Enhance your natural beauty by providing gradual length and volume with several shortened faux mink hairs on a 100% cotton band. Save time during application with our easy-to-use lash adhesive. While you’re traveling over the holidays, hold up to 3 pairs of lashes in our Everyday Lash Compact and store all of your essentials in our limited edition gold Lilly Lashes cosmetic bag.


Pre-Glued Texture No. 117 Lashes


These are so simple to apply. You’ll love not having to deal with any glue and no wait time for drying. Be weekend ready with these baddies! Word of caution: be extra careful when removing them from the box.


Girl Series Starter Kit 


Not to throw you off track..However, I thought I should mention these because why not! It’s not glue nor are they magnetic. The liner goes on so perfectly and then just pop the lashes on- so amazing and saves me so much more time than glue. They come off easy and no natural lashes pull off when removing them.


ImPRESS Press On Falsies


In just a few minutes have long-lasting lashes, that is for the weekend! Easy to apply, although I would suggest not spending time in the water if you want them to last.


Self Adhesive Demi Wispies Lashes


Ardell Self Adhesive Demi Wispies are light-weight, comfortable, and easy (only 2 steps) to apply with no messy glue required!

  • Create beautiful, glamorous looks
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Reusable

The End

The part I love most about this is that you are in charge of customizing the lash look you end up with. I like a very natural, slightly feline look, so I usually place two “Amplify” 12mm or 14mm on the outer edge of my eye, then a 12mm, then a 10mm in the very inner corners. The end result is a supernatural, fanned-out effect.


I like to finish off the look by filling in my waterline with a black gel eyeliner and then flicking out a tiny baby wing in each corner- I found that this really makes it so that the  look is super natural.

Game Changer:

It’s truly game-changing for me that I can get the natural look of lash extensions without having to lie down with my eyes shut for over an hour and flinching. It’s an empowering feeling!

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