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 This is a community where I like to share all things beneficial for a holistic life and  who are Interested in uniquely sourced products that are environmentally friendly and chosen with the earth and the animals in mind. As a society we can individually help by making the world a more livable place for humanity and animals if we choose our products correctly and do daily things that can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

There are many sources in which you can find information about this, some are good and some are not so good. What I have learned along the way is that experience is the best teacher and we can all learn from one another. This is my way to get through the world, in hopes that some one may learn from my experience and to share what has worked for me.

I make it my mission in life for this website to contribute to the healthy lifestyle and looking for products that are naturally sourced, environmentally friendly, cruelty free, and as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Natural doesn’t have to be boring. All products that you find in the shop are created by me or are sourced from some amazing people who have the same concept making and selling for their products.

Originally known as “Earth to Shantal” because I live in my own world as most of us do. Mine is filled with adventure, books, vegan food, photography, fitness and more as you will see through out the website and I love getting other people involved who are just as passionate about the same things! 

I hope you guys enjoy this experience! 

A Little About Me

Lovely for you to stop by! My name is Shantal. I have two younger siblings and the most amazing parents I could have ever asked for. So Cal born & raised, graduated high school early and I tried college many times for many majors but my love for travel didn’t allow me to finish. I wanted a fast career so I went to school for Cosmetology. 2 years later I was invited to stay in Belize for a few months with a very good friend mine. Since then I’ve had the travel bug within me and have traveled to many countries in the world. 

I know have been a cosmetologist for over 10 years and I specialize in hair. I have worked in several salons, from Southern California to Colorado. Specifically in hair I. master in cutting, blending and extensions. 

my love for the industry is a flame that will never die. I’ve been blessed to meet wonderful people and have worked with them asl well.

Fast forward through my adulting life. I married my best friend and love of my life and moved from the Beach life in Cali to the Mountain life of Colorado. 

We traveled in two separate cars with what ever fit in our cars and made made our way to Colorado. Keep in mind… We had no idea what we were doing but we were doing it.

My love for a clean green holistic life started at very young age. I grew up with a variety of animals and an admiration for creation. in my teenage years my mom soon got rid of Cow milk, so that was when my introduction to nutrition started started. 

Later on, I met my precious friend who got me in to fitness.. like weightlifting and I became OBSESSED! Especially with the results. In my mid 20s I noticed inflammation in my skin and body. I also developed excessed fat lumps in my eye. It looked like a small lump in my eye. I went to my Holistic/ Nutritionist/ Doctor and told me to completely ditch dairy. I did.. Forever! My boyfriend, now husband also became Vegan as soon as we were official too!

I now look forward to finding new ways to be holistic in my approach to life and sharing it here. I hope you guys love it!

Through my quest in life I have learned from the unnecessary heartbreaks, dealt with injustices, accepted the losses in life so as to continue positive in my quest. Life is too short for regrets, what ifs, and I wish. 

I have turned out be a mellow marshmallow with a wild spirit and a sweet soul.

So with all this said…..Nice to meet you!

Photographer & Videographer

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You have to homes earth and your body, take care of them.