Room Rental

The First Living Room

We created the first living room to have a fresh welcoming feel so you can enjoy the sunlight as you work on your computer or have a morning cup of coffee. All this space is for your use for as long as you this place is home to you.

From the entrance into the living room it also leads to the upstairs bedrooms and bath, into the dining room, and the downstairs quarter.

Feel free to add plants!

Second Living Room

The second living room is the tv and fireplace space that is shared as well. 

The fireplace can be used just be sure to clean around the space when finished.

Vacuuming after a long time use or eating is necessary. 

Feel free to enjoy roku and fire place on a cold night with hot cocoa or coffee!

The basement studio is off limits at all times.

Laundry use before 6pm

Renting a Room

Updated October 21, 2022

All renters in this 4 level home are from the ages of 22 to 30 yrs young. There are 3 guys and 3 girls. 

2 rooms will be available on December 1st because two of the female roommates will be moving.

So we are looking for two people to fill their void.

Master Rm W/Bath $920

Top Floor Rm $820

Bottom Floor Rm $820


What is included in the rent:

  • Utilities ( water, gas, wifi, trash, electricity, insurance, central hvac, laundry)
  • Laundry is on site on the 3rd level same level as the 2nd living room (soap alone is provided)
  • Living room & kitchen are shared spaces
  • Parking on street
  • Nest private code provided for all tenants

All rooms are furnished if you don’t need it furnished that’s okay too, we understand everyone has their own style and preferences,  we will just remove the furnishings.

What does furnished mean: This means that we have provided the basic essentials for a comfortable stay that includes:

  • Bed
  • Bed Sheets
  • Dresser
  • Curtains

If you require any other furnishings or don’t like them, you will have to provide the furnishings or the above mentioned yourself.

All bedrooms can only accommodate one person. 

House Rules

House repairs are the landlord’s responsibility. 

  • No shoes on the carpet
  • No pets
  • No smoking
  • Quite hrs 10pm- 5am
  • Laundry use before 6pm
  • Keep the kitchen clean 
  • Please be courteous of your roommates
  • Please clean after yourself in the kitchen after use
  • Clean oven and other kitchen appliances after use
  • Entrance closet: 2 shoes & Coats per person
  • Enjoy!

Thing To Take Note Of

Vacating the premises is your responsibility, we kindly ask that you give notice at the first of the month or when rent is due which is then it’s considered a 30-day notice. 

House is constantly being maintained.

We require a minimum of 3 months
Age, work, lifestyle

Tenant Feedback


Please fill out the inquiry form and we will contact you through text message.

There is a pre-screening link we will send you then if you wish to tour the house which we highly suggest making sure it’s up to your standards then we’ll send an official screening and once it’s official that it’s a go then we send a link for the application, which is the lease contract and to follow is the deposit (half of the rent), then firsts months rent.

We kindly ask that you give notice at the first of the month which is then it’s considered a 30-day notice. It’s also on the lease contract that is signed upon becoming a tenant.  If notice is given mid month and moved out the following first of the month we are legally allowed to keep deposit.

Everything in the kitchen is for you to use. Everyone has there own space assigned that is only for them. You are more than welcome to bring your own kitchen ware.

Please, kindly let them know. Our logic may be different than their knowledge and it’s best to talk things out. There’s only so much the Landlords can do.

Yes, we will give you 1 month to find a new place.

A few reasons for an eviction would be:

  • fail to pay rent
  • not considerate of roommates
  • to noisy
  • not clean

We will give one warning. However, if fail to comply after 3 warnings eviction will be necessary. 

After move out date we inspect the room to make sure no damage has been done to walls or carpets or anything else. If there are damages deposit is not returned. Fail to give a 30 day notice of vacancy we keep the deposit. If all is well respected 30 days after move out date you will receive your deposit.

You can pay rent through Zelle, wire transfer or check.